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Issue with still images in video

We are using the JW platform and I just noticed that the player will not show still images/freeze frames we created in editing. I have checked our premiere files and original quicktime (.h264) that we uploaded to jw player and both show these freeze frames so the issues seems to be in the playback in the player.
It looks like jw player is going to the next frame where their is motion and freezing that frame until the video catches up to.

You can see this in our lesson 6 at 2:13.

3 Community Answers

Remco van Bree

JW Player Support Agent  
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I downloaded the source file and I see the exact same playback behavior in JW Player as when I play back the video both in VLC and in QuickTime Player 10.

I suspect that the issue here is that the still images you mention are not actually burned into the video track when you render out the video file. You should make sure that that is the case.


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How do I download the source file from JW Player? I just checked the original file we exported from our edit system and it is still showing the freeze frames. I'm also viewing it on a computer that it wasn't edited on so it can't be referencing a still image file from another computer.
We are exporting h264 quicktime files on a mac system. Do you recommend another file format that might be better for JW player?

Remco van Bree

JW Player Support Agent  
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I downloaded it form our admin back-end; if you wish to load an original video as a customer you would need to use the “passthrough” conversion in the transcoding tab.

Generally the mp4 container is a bit stricter about this kinda thing, but I’m pretty sure that the real problem here still is that the images are not actually part of the video stream and that problem would not necessarily be fixed just by changing to another file format.

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