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HTML5 fallback when flash out of date and disabled by browser

I'd like to do HTML5 playback when a user's flash is out of date, rather than display the browser's native "flash out of date ->" button.

——> Is there a defined way to do this?

The setupError event is not called when the browser disables flash. The only way I can see to force html5 would be to do a timeout of a handful of seconds, waiting to see if the onReady callback has executed, and if it hasn’t, setup a new player with primary: ‘html5’.

This is kind of clumsy, and because initialization times vary, you have to do a long timeout of 5 seconds or more, during which the “flash out of date” widget is displayed.

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I have a secondary question which is - what factors influence the setup time for JWPlayer (time from .setup() to ‘ready’)? Size of the video file? Connection speed? Or is it just the speed of js execution in the given browser?

Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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There isn’t really a way to detect Flash being out of date. Your hack seems to be an OK solution though.


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the jwplayer flash player needs a version that or higher the framework described - i mean its flash version 10+

if this version is not installed on the system - you will get an error and/or instruction to install the newer version of flash or if flash is not installed on the system and html5 is not provided, you will get an error to install flash...

otherwise you have an unsupported device - and for me an outdating device...

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