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Google Video XML Sitemap video:player_loc field and the JWPlayer.


I'm currently running the latest and greatest JWPlayer. I'm in the process of building a Google video sitemap and came across the following optional field - <video:player_loc>. This is supposed to point to the SWF of the player which plays the video.

Is this still relevant with JWPlayer 6.xx?

Are you still able to allow other users to embed "your" licenced video player in their site by copying a snippit?

I'm not sure if I should put the path to the player.swf in this field or not. Does this sitemap field apply when using the JWPlayer 6.xx?


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The player.swf file was part of JW5. JW6 uses the browser's native HTML5 video capability to play the video in most cases. There is a jwplayer.flash.swf file, for those few browsers that still need it, but I think listing it in a sitemap would be misleading.

Your license applies to your domain, so I don't think you can just let others use it on their own sites.

Remco van Bree

JW Player Support Agent  
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Given that the JW Player SWF can no longer be used without the javascript embedder (because this opened up a systemic cross site scripting vulnerability that could not be avoided), the player_loc field is no longer relevant.

While there are only a limited amount of domains covered by your license, we do have a fair usage policy towards embedding the player in other sites using the social sharing functionality. You can find more information on enabling the social sharing here:

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