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Callback example

Thank you for your player.

I have a couple of general observations about your support section which I hope you will find useful:

1) Most question threads are not useful. I have found many question threads which might help me, but when I get there... there are no code samples, only links which may once have contained the code but don't any more.

2) I think the api documentation would be much more useful (to me at least) if it contained minimum working examples of each api function...absolute minimum, no frills, no extras, just the absolute minimum that works. Not code fragments, leaving us to guess what the rest of the html or javascript should be.. the whole script but the minimum whole script.

I also tried to follow this link which I think would have answered my question:

but it just redirects me to a general support page

So my actual question:

Can you give me a minimum working code script which demonstrates the ontime callback function.


2 Community Answers


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//Here your setup parameter
//Here your function to do at on time event...

hope this helps

Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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We have many JS API demos on our site as well.

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