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HLS segment tracking and time


I have a large HLS DVR stream. I would like to be able to pause the stream and then get what current .ts segment it is on and how many seconds & split seconds it is through the segment.

For example, I have 6 segments at 10 seconds long.

seg1.ts -> seg6.ts

If I play and pause at 15 seconds in, can JW Player return a. The current segment (seg2.ts) and b. how many seconds it is through (5.000 seconds into seg2.ts)

Having this functionality will allow me to set a start point and a end point of a HLS playlist to clip a video out using a script and FFMPEG.

I know I can get how many seconds it has gone through using .getPosition() but on a moving live stream its difficult to script accurate start and stop cross referencing HLS playlists. If I can get the segment file and position in that segment then I can easily script from seg2 to seg4 to output a clipped MP4 file.

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It is possible that you can use onMeta to get some additional information here.

We also have an example that does some HLS info gathering here:

Hopefully that should help!

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