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Switching elements of the skin/controlbar on/off


What we're trying to accomplish is that sometimes client will want to show short clips before main video and doesn't want to merge them in one file/stream. The short movie needs to have only some elements of the controlbar (like play/pause, mute/volume control) active, and main movie needs to have the full controlbar.

Therefore some questions:

1) is there a posibility to change default skin (via javascript API) in the player when loading next video from player playlist without setting up the player again?

2) if not, is there a possiblity to switch some elements of the controlbar on/off (via javascript API)?

3) if not, could any of the above solutions be implemented in the future release of the player?

Thanks in advance for reply.

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JW Player Support Agent  
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1) There is currently no way to change a skin via the API without setting up the player again
2) There is currently no way to turn off individual controlbar components via the Javascript API
3) I will escalate both of these as feature requests

You can, however, customize a skin to remove the unwanted controlbar elements. The easiest way to do this is to comment them out of the skin XML. Another option would be to hide our controlbar in the setup and build your own buttons that call the corresponding Javascript API functions.

Hope this helps,


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Thanks for the reply and escalation, Todd!

Looking forward to at least #2 being implemented in future release - that would really do the trick.

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