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Sharing Embed Code With Playlists

I read the following JW article...

but am still not clear on the sharing functionality as it relates to offering embed code with playlists.

Here is the page I'm working on -

And here is the JW code with my player. I know something is not right with the Sharing customization but cannot figure it out. Do I need to create a separate HTML file for every video? I don't get it.

<p><strong>Opening Remarks And Using Big Data At The Point Of Care</strong></p>
<div id="Video_Playlist_1">Loading the player...</div>
<script type="text/javascript">
mediaid: "2014_07_09_big_data-01_alan_weil",
image: "media/01_alan_weil.jpg",
file: "media/01_alan_weil.mp4",
title: "Alan Weil",
description: "Editor-in-Chief, Health Affairs"
mediaid: "2014_07_09_big_data-02_joachim_roski",
image: "media/02_joachim_roski.jpg",
file: "media/02_joachim_roski.mp4",
title: "Joachim Roski",
description: "Principal, Booz Allen Hamilton"
mediaid: "2014_07_09_big_data-03_panel_1_introductions",
image: "media/03_panel_1_introductions.jpg",
file: "media/03_panel_1_introductions.mp4",
title: "Panel 1 Introductions",
description: ""
mediaid: "2014_07_09_big_data-04_suchi_saria",
image: "media/04_suchi_saria.jpg",
file: "media/04_suchi_saria.mp4",
title: "Suchi Saria",
description: "Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University"
mediaid: "2014_07_09_big_data-05_paul_wallace",
image: "media/05_paul_wallace.jpg",
file: "media/05_paul_wallace.mp4",
title: "Paul Wallace",
description: "Chief Medical Officer, Optum Labs, and Health Affairs Thematic Issue Adviser"
mediaid: "2014_07_09_big_data-06_christopher_forrest",
image: "media/06_christopher_forrest.jpg",
file: "media/06_christopher_forrest.mp4",
title: "Christopher Forrest",
description: "Professor of Pediatrics, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia"
mediaid: "2014_07_09_big_data-07_panel_1_discussion",
image: "media/07_panel_1_discussion.jpg",
file: "media/07_panel_1_discussion.mp4",
title: "Panel 1 Discussion",
description: ""
sharing: {
code: encodeURI("<iframe src='' />"),
link: ""
file: '',
position: 'top-right'
idstring: "mediaid"
controls: 'true',
autostart: 'false',
displaytitle: 'false',
position: 'bottom',
size: 240
height: 598,
width: 600

3 Community Answers

Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
0 rated :

For sharing, with playlists, you need to refer to the media id replacement section of the guide you just linked to.


1 rated :

Hi Ethan, I appreciate the response. I did see the Media ID replacement section, but it wasn't clear enough.

Any chance you can look at my code and tell me where I'm going wrong?

Thank you.

Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
-1 rated :

So indeed, you would need an id / html page for each item, then.

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