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Embedding on SSL encrypted site


I am having problems embedding jwplayer with a rtmp/smil stream in an https site. Everything works fine in development (without ssl) but fails in production (ssl enabled). The reason is that jwplayer is trying to load crossdomain.xml from which fails due to protocol port mismatch. Is there any way to tell jwplayer to ommit the port and just load!!

app.Video = class app.Video

constructor: ($ctx) ->
@$ctx = $ctx
@element = $ctx.attr('id')
@rtmp_url = $'rtmp-path')
@webm_url = $'webm-path')
@mobile_url = $'mobile-path')
@poster_url = $'poster-path')
@swf_path = $'swf-path')


setupPlayer: ->
flashplayer: @swf_path
skin: 'glow'
playlist: [
image: @poster_url
sources : [
{ file: @rtmp_url, type: 'rtmp' }
{ file: @mobile_url }
{ file: @webm_url }
primary: "flash"
height: 360
width: '100%'
aspectratio: '16:9'

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Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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Please provide a link.


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I'm having the same exact issue.

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