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playlist + quality


First, my question is that, for multiple video qualities, do I need to have the same videos with different sizes/qualities?
Isn't that heavy, repeated on the server?

Second, can I have an example about a playlist that is not using RSS, and has around 3 qualities in it.

Thank you

1 Community Answers

Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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1) If you are using progressive download, and you want multiple qualities, you need to have the same video encoded multiple times. That is how it works

2) Sure, an inline playlists is this this:

<div id="myElement"></div> <script> jwplayer("myElement").setup({ playlist: [{ file: "/uploads/sintel.mp4", image: "/uploads/sintel.jpg", title: "Sintel Trailer" },{ file: "/uploads/tears.mp4", image: "/uploads/tears.jpg", title: "Tears of Steel Trailer" },{ file: "/uploads/bunny.mp4", image: "/uploads/bunny.jpg", title: "Big Buck Bunny Trailer" },{ file: "/uploads/elephants.mp4", image: "/uploads/elephants.jpg", title: "Elephants Dream Trailer" }] }); </script>

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