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How to I see that ga.idstrng is working on my local environment?

Hi, I'm trying to implement custom actions for my JW Video Player events in Analytics locally on my development machine. I add this to my config:
ga: {
idstring: "TEST"
and I expected it be output in the utme variable in the Request headers sent on the utm.gif request (via the network activity in Chrome - its easy to find becuse it has "JW Player Video Plays" at the beginning of the utme string).

However it seems just set to the default (the playlist file string).

I don't really want to deploy this on my site until I see it working locally - is my testing strategy correct here or is there something else I should check locally to see that the config setting has worked? If I am checking the right thing why might it not be working? We haven't upgraded to Universal Analytics, is that is relevant?

1 Community Answers

Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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You have to check this in your actual GA dashboard.

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