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Why JWPlayer used in Opera start parameter instead of the Range request param?


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Why JWPlayer used in Opera start=XXX.xx parameter instead of the Range: xxxxxx-xxxxx request param?

I have page with JWPlayer - .

file: "stream.php",
//file: "1.mp4",
// file: "/qqq/output.mp4",
image: "/qqq/img_002_.jpg",
startparam: "start",

width: 480,
height: 270,
type: 'mp4',

In IE 11 and in the latest stable Google Chrome JWPlayer in the requests used Range:xxxx-xxxx param. But in the Opera 22.0 JWPlayer used ?start=xxx.xx param. Why in Opera 22.0 JWPlayer used ?start=xxx.xx param instead of the Range:xxxx-xxxx param?

P.S. stream.php is file from the

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Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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Why use this php script if you are running in html5 mode? html5 mode doesn’t require pseudo streaming.

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