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loading multiple pieces of rss into single playlist


is it possible to feed jwplayer with several rss files to be part of single playlist?

we have quite simple business case here - a video hosting with thousands of videos. every video is a unique entity in CMS with it's own rss file generated by wowza.
rss file for each individual video looks like this:

<rss version="2.0" xmlns:media="" xmlns:jwplayer="">
<media:content url="" />
<media:content url="" bitrate="314" width="288" height="160" label="160p" />

and video setup looks like:

at some point of time video owner wants to have video A, video B and video C to be played sequentially - and this is where we have a problem - since rss is generated dynamically it's not possible to put all those videos into single rss, so the only option here is to make jwplayer understand that several rss are part of a playlist. is it possible to configure this in jwplayer?

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Currently, we only allow one single URL to be loaded into the player at a time. You can load a second playlist via our API (Using load() ), but this will not append the currently utilized playlist with new content.


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Andrew, thanks for feedback.

I wrote my own wrapper for this.

function extendPlaylist(item) {
var a = jwplayer().getPlaylist();
var b = jQuery.extend(true, [], a);
var c = a.length;
b[0]['sources']['0']['file'] = item;
a[c] = jQuery.extend(true, {}, b[0]);

looks a bit ugly, but works for me.


JW Player Support Agent  
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Awesome! Glad it’s working then. :)

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