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jwplayer("cont").remove() delay time?

I have a list of links to 19 videos played via the jwplayer. When a video has played for about 3 seconds and you click on another link, the original video is removed and the new video plays with no issue. This is accomplished via the JS_API and the removal of the original video invokes .remove().
However, if you click on the links in rapid succession, the last video is the one that eventually populates but the audio of ALL of the previous videos ( that were clicked in rapid succession ) remains and you have the din of multiple audio streams and one video.
Here is a link to an example of the issue.
If you click on "VIDEO" you will expose the 19 links.
The two JS functions that pertain to this issue are:

function removeVideo(vidwind)

function showvidcomp(tvideo, vtype, vcontainer)

I've tried adding in delays at various junctures, trying to combat this but to no avail. It may be that I need a fresh pair of eyes on this...

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Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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One thing you can try doing is doing another setup() after the remove().

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