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JW6 player is not defaulting to “Auto” in the multi bitrate menu

When a user changes the quality selection of the JW Player, the choice persists if the browser is shut down, restarted and the page with the JW Player is called again from the restarted browser. This occurs with both Firefox and IE.

We have tested all of the quality settings, after each change we shut down the browser and restart it. Every time we restart the browser and call the page again, the setting is exactly where it was when the browser was closed. The setting never goes back to Auto when the page is revisited. Our customer is requesting the quality default to Auto every time the page is newly loaded.

Question: Is there way to force the JW Player to always default to Auto?

Example link:

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JW Player Support Agent  
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If quality is set manually by the user, we will issue a cookie to keep this setting between page visits. If this is an issue, you can use setCurrentQuality(3) with our API to set the quality to auto at an appointed time.


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Thank you for the information. I was able to find a snippet of code on the JW site that implemented this:

{place the following after the confuration of JW Player}
// reset the quality to Auto when the page is revisited
jwplayer("player1").onReady(function(event) {
jwplayer("player1").onQualityLevels(function(event) {

Thank you on Ethan for the solution at link:


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