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keyboard control

What are the keyboard controls that have been implemented with JWP6.9.4867?

I am using keycode 13 which appears to yield an interference with the JWPlayer.

A list of the keycode being used by the JWPlayer would be helpful to eliminate the interference.


2 Community Answers

Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi Ethan,

I downloaded the 6.9 version of JW and it seems that the keyboard shortcuts don't work : when I press tab I never focus on the player.
below is my code, could you tell me if I missed a think to make it ok ?


<script type="text/javascript">
function wtvJumpToPosition(position){

'flashplayer' : "{/literal}{$flashplayerURL}{literal}",
'file' : "{/literal}{$videoURL}{literal}",
'image' : "{/literal}{$video.MEDIA_WTV_THUMBNAIL_PATH}{literal}",
'height' : 323,
'width' : 575,
'controlbar' : 'bottom',
'dock' : 'false',
'primary' : 'flash',
{/literal}{if $video.MEDIA_PATH_EXTENSION!='mp3' && $video.MEDIA_EXTERNAL_URL!=""}{literal}
'provider' : 'http',
'http.start' : 'starttime',
{/literal}{if isset($video.SUBTITLES_FILE) && $video.SUBTITLES_FILE!=''}{literal}
'tracks' : [{
file: "{/literal}{$video.SUBTITLES_FILE}{literal}",
kind: "captions",
"default": true
'plugins' : {
{/literal}{if isset($video.MEDIA_WTV_AUDIO_DESCRIPTION) && $video.MEDIA_WTV_AUDIO_DESCRIPTION!=''}{literal}
'audiodescription-1': {
'back': 'false',
'file': '{/literal}{$video.MEDIA_WTV_AUDIO_DESCRIPTION}{literal}'

{/literal}{* 2012-06-21 TMA 217897 - Tracking xiti video play *}{literal}
window.alreadyTrackedVideos = {}; // Mémorise les vidéos de la pages courantes qui ont déjà été lues, pour ne pas les tracker plusieurs fois
if( window.alreadyTrackedVideos['{/literal}{$xiti_flv_file}{literal}'] != true ){
xt_med('M', '{/literal}{$xiti_media_support_id}{literal}', '{/literal}{$xiti_flv_file}{literal}', 'play', '', 4, 1, 4);
window.alreadyTrackedVideos['{/literal}{$xiti_flv_file}{literal}'] = true;

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