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What is the most likely cause of the Newsticker not completely scrolling across and simply starts scrolling again? Not all of the information that is scrolling is thereby not seen.

Any suggestions?

4 Community Answers


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What are you talking about ?


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the scrolling of the text when using the Newsticker


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Willie is talking about a plugin that Ethan developed. It's not part of JW Player:

Remember the godawful <marquee> tag in HTML? This plugin is for those of you who miss it. ;)

Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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There are two versions of it. It was originally written in Flash (AS3), but then once JW5 started supporting JS based plugins, it was re-written so it would work in HTML5 as well. Then it was migrated to JW6. I haven’t updated it in quite some time. I am not sure why Willie would be having that issue though, as my example on the link above works fine.

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