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Disable Analytics

We are running self-hosted Premium player and would like to disable analytics. We've added an object to out setup method but the javascript and ping.gif files are being hit.

analytics: {
enabled: false

Is there something else necessary?

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JW Player Support Agent  
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What kind of license are you using? Disabling analytics requires an Enterprise license.

Hope this helps,


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I have some issues with the way / is dealing with disabling analytics also.

A few months ago we upgraded from 6.3 to 6.7 to find out the behaviour of analytics changed and we were forced to change our license to 'ads' to be able to disable analytics.
This change ( had major licensing implications but was done in a minor point release.

The idea of the requirement of an ads (or entreprise) license to disable analytics is absolutely ridiculous to me. If you would have purchased an ads license to show ads you would also have a need for the analytics plugin and probably enable it (which is the default behaviour). But if you don't need or don't want analytics for some valid reason (educational environment, prevent third party tracking) you can't do it unless you have an ads license (which won't be used for showing ads)!?

Since 6.9 was released recently are you now telling an enterprise license is required to be able to disable analytics (even when on an single domain site)?! And would version 6.9 require another upgrade again from ads to enterprise just to disable analytics…. Pfff

The configuration option we use is:

"analytics": {
"cookies": false,
"enabled": false

I don't see this configuration options in the documentation at


JW Player Support Agent  
-2 rated :

I believe your concerns have been addressed in 6.9. We now have an Enterprise license with features not available with the Premium player (like DVR, encrypted HLS, and disabling analytics). An Ads license adds the advertising capability to an Enterprise license.

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