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JWPlayer 6 embedded playlist without rss / xml !

Dear JW Team,
I have a question and I hope you can help, I'm using jwplayer only for testing purpose (Free version).
What can I say I like to play with codes, I know that the funtionality of JW 6 has changed.
The playlist code I used before in Jw player 5 as you can see below works perfect, but it works not at all in Jw player 6 ??
Could you be so kind to show me (an example) which playlist code will work in JW 6.
Thanks in advance.

<script type='text/javascript' src='/jwplayer.js'></script>
<div id='jwplayer'></div></div>
<script type='text/javascript'> jwplayer('jwplayer').setup({
'flashplayer': '/jwplayer.flash.swf',
'width': '640',
'height': '360',
'backcolor': '1A1A1A',
'frontcolor': 'C3C3C3',
'lightcolor': 'C8C8C8',
'autostart': 'false',
'playlist.position': "right",
'playlist.size': '240',
'playlist': [{
'file': 'http://mysite/video1.mp4',
'image': 'http://mysite/image1.jpg',
'title': 'The First Video'
'file': 'http://mysite/video2.mp4',
'image': 'http://mysite/image2.jpg',
'title': 'The Second Video'
'file': 'http://mysite/video3.mp4',
'image': 'http://mysite/image3.jpg',
'title': 'The Third Video'

4 Community Answers


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Take a look at this demo page:

That's a YouTube playlist, but it's essentially the same for your own MP4's - only the "file" attributes need to be changed.

You're still trying to use a bunch of JW5 attributes. There's no need to specify the location of the Flash player, as long as it's in the same directory as the basic jwplayer.js script. There are no backcolor, frontcolor, or lightcolor attributes (that's purely a Flash thing, and JW6 doesn't use them). There is no playlist.position or playlist.size attribute.


JW Player Support Agent  
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Additionally, we have an example of playlists here:
This goes over the basic structure of how a JW6 playlist is used.


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Thank you so much for the information it's really helpfull and I was able to get it to work, you're the best.

Thank you for your input, good to know that there are more possibilities.


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Glad that did the trick for you! There's nothing like a straightforward example for figuring out how to get something working. :)

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