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Handling ID3 tags from HLS on JW Player 6.9 RC

Hello, I’m having problems with extracting ID3 tags metadata from HLS live video stream coming from Wowza 4. I’m using JW Player 6.9 RC, which should provide this functionality according to this issue ticket: . I followed this Wowza tutorial to inject ID3 tags: and checked if the metadata is present in the stream with this method: and everything seems to be OK. However, I don’t get any of my custom metadata with „onMeta” JW Player callback. I’m using the HLS stream with flash player:

primary: 'flash'
playlist: [
sources: [
{ file: "http://localhost:1935/live/D_Q8iVsQ/playlist.m3u8"}

jwplayer("flash").onMeta (event) ->
console.log "EVENT", event

Could you please help me understand what is the problem here? Should I provide additional configuration for the stream/metadata to make it work? Is the 6.9 RC version supposed to handle this case?


3 Community Answers


JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi Luke,

What if you change your onMeta syntax a little bit to:

jwplayer().onMeta(function(event) {

Does it work now?


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Sorry for the confusion - the example is written in coffeescript. After compiling it to JS, it looks exactly like your code and it's not working.


JW Player Support Agent  
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Do you have a publicly-available stream with the ID3 data embedded?

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