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After googima pre-roll video is done, player no longer plays video

Our pre-roll ad plays and at the end it does not play the video. The player works fine when the pre-roll wasn't working. This was working fine and we haven't changed anything. Any ideas?

(you might need to reload a few times to get the pre-roll ad)

Our ad code on the player:
advertising: {
client: 'googima',
offset: 'pre',
tag: ''

And the output when the pre-roll runs:
Ad Complete Event application-2014.06.21-01.min.js?ver=1:1
Ad complete handler. application-2014.06.21-01.min.js?ver=1:1
Ads complete event. application-2014.06.21-01.min.js?ver=1:1
There was an error while handling a listener: TypeError: undefined is not a function function (){b.utils.log("Ad Complete Event");N.onAdComplete(C.getCurrentAd());O.adTakeDown();C.setAdPlaying(false);C.setPostRollRequest(false);C.attachPlayer()} application-2014.06.21-01.min.js?ver=1:1
Resource interpreted as Document but transferred with MIME type image/gif: "…T4AoTSHoADAZAD4AOYA-ADqAMB4AQBoAYj&sigh=qgeNaX8ZRpw&label=videoplaytime100". bridge3.1.55_en.html:42

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I just tested your ad tag with a bare bone setup, and the video does start playing after the ad:

<div id="player">Loading the player…</div> <script type="text/javascript"> jwplayer("player").setup({ file: 'bunny.mp4', primary: 'flash', advertising: { client: 'googima', offset: 'pre', tag: '' } }); </script>

Could it be your min.js?

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