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What's the problem? Shuffle mode doesn't work.

Doesn't work in the shuffle mode at the playlist. What's the problem?
<script type='text/javascript' src='' ></script>
<script type='text/javascript'>jwplayer.key='WrdMrfH2lypuwwzAvWDfg1iRr/Hk9vBu/1pY0K/+a88=';</script>
<div id='myElement'>Loading the player...</div>

<script type='text/javascript'>
playlist: "",
primary: "flash",
width: 465,
autostart: "true",
repeat:"list", });

6 Community Answers

Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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Shuffle is not a JW6 variable.

Work around for 6 –

Demo –


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I have a feature rich playlist plugin in the final stages of development which includes a proper shuffle capability.

It also provides the following:

> detach the playlist from the player - allowing better responsive design flexibility

> allows full customisation of the playlist, with ability to skin the player, playlist and playlist controls separately, expose custom variables and overcome current restrictions on title / description length

> editing of a loaded playlist (move/ remove /add items) without interrupting play

> search/filter of loaded playlist

> search, preview and add direct from YouTube

> export a modified playlist to JSON, RSS or XML format

I aim to make this available around the same time as JW6.9, but in the meantime here's a limited demo:

James Herrieven

Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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Cool :)


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why not add a drag 'n drop feature to the plugin?

Drag images to the JWPlayer.

I have an example of drag 'n drop on my web site

Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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Yes Willie, we know :P

We have seen your drag and drop example on your site many times ;)


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As you know, drag-n-drop is not a trivial thing to implement well - which is why you rely on jQuery to do it for you.

One of the redeeming features of JW Player is it's lack of dependency on other libraries.

In my opinion, plugins need to work using the same philosophy, so whilst I could offer drag-n-drop capabilities, I would need to write the code as part of my plugin.

I don't think the demand for this functionality warrants the development investment and the bloat that it would add to my plugin.

A better approach is to make the plugin completely flexible and provide simple API hooks in order to allow others to extend it to suit their needs - which it will. You are welcome to add D-n-D as required for your specific needs.

An additional point - which is as important to me as code conformance and validation appears to be to you - is the accessibility of a web solution.

Drag-n-drop in most basic implementations is not accessible.

Your example is neither accessible nor validates to web standards.


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