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Adding a Download Button, want to direct to folder

Your "Example: Adding a Download Button" works! However it just plays. Up to now we have added instructions below the player window with a link pointing to the .mp4 file. The user is directed to right-click the link and the browsers gives him choices where to save it. However if he left-clicks it, it behaves like your example: it plays. Right-clicking the myButton in your example doesn't give the user this desired choice to Save As...

Here is the code we use that works, but it is klutzy and makes us enter things twice:

<p>To download right-click here:
<a href=""> Download</a>
and select "Save target/link as" or "Download linked file as" depending on your browser.
If using an iPhone we suggest playing through the OPlayer app.</p>

With that we can deliver a file to a customer, but I want more :-}

1. Can you point me to a way to make your example trigger the various browsers to ask for "Save as" choices like a right-click on a link does, or

2. Can you point me to a way to move the 'file' information into my link when the player starts so we don't have to type it twice: once in the player and once in our klutzy instruction line?

Many thanks

1 Community Answers

Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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The download button example is really for a single file only, not a folder. The player itself can’t load a whole folder.

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