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iPad and onReady to start audio file

I keep seeing that it's not possible to autoplay an audio file on the iPad. What's strange is that the following code works on SOME iPads, but not all:

function loadPlayer(file)

flashplayer: "js/jwplayer.flash-6.5.swf",
html5player: "js/jwplayer.html5-6.5.js",
file: "assets/audio/"+file,
controls: true,
width: 100,
height: 50,
events: {
onComplete: function() {

jwplayer("mediaplayer").onReady(function(event) {

//this is called after other stuff happens (loading XML, etc)

Can you 100% confirm that the above code should not be possible? And can you explain why it would work on some iPads and not others? There is no commonality amongst them that I can find -- I've duplicated settings, etc. It works on some iPad 2s, and not others.

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We're using jwplayer 6.5.


JW Player Support Agent  
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Have you noted which version of iOS allows autostarting? I believe there were some creative ways around the no-autostarting in older version of iOS, but Apple is preventing most of them now in iOS 7.

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