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problem with non-linear ads

I am using JW Player ads edition via the Wordpress plugin and I am trying to run non-linear ads. I have built the position in Google DFP and entered the tag in player config in wordpress. The ad shows up but now the video content will not play. If I remove the ad tag the video plays fine. Is the ad trying to run as a preroll and confusing the player? If so, how do I get this to work. I was told by your sales team we could do this. thanks for your help in advance.

Link to player:

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JW Player Support Agent  
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Our WordPress plugin does not currently enable you to schedule mid-roll non-linear ads, but you can embed the video and schedule the ad correctly. Just copy and paste this code into the Text Mode when you are creating a new post:

<div id="player">Loading the player…</div> <script type="text/javascript"> jwplayer("player").setup({ file: 'http://your_video_URL_here', primary: 'flash', advertising: { client: 'googima', schedule: { adbreak1: { offset: '5', tag: 'http://your_ad_tag_here', type: 'nonlinear' } } } }); </script>

You would need to insert the correct video URL and ad tag, but this should work.

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