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Shows error when page changes while video is played in Chrome and IE


Im using Version 6.8 ( The working in Drupal 7 CMS. I have created a youtube like playlist where one video will be played at a time and on right side there will be related videos. If the user click the playlist on the side it will reload the page and that particular video will be displayed. Right now this functionality is working fine on all browsers in Mac, Linux and Windows.

But while playing one video if I click the video on the side playlist the It will throw an error (Error loading media: File could not be played.) on Chrome for all OS and also in IE. I have checked the net/network and console log in Chrome and Mozilla. But I did not see any error message.

Help note to test:
1: In Firefox, Play one video and if I click a video from the playlist the currect video will get played till the page is reloaded/redirected. So there is no error message displayed.
2: In Chrome/IE, Play one video and at the same time if I click a video from the playlist the current video will stop playing at that moment and throws the error "Error loading media: File could not be played." and continues to display the message till the page is getting reloaded/refreshed. On the refreshed page the selected video is not auto played but on click it will work fine without any issues.

This is my sample code.
"file": "<?php echo "http:".$variables['rows'][$i]['link'] ?>",
"image": "<?php echo file_create_url($variables['rows'][$i]['image']) ?>",
"height": 377,
"width": 600

Please let me know if I can be anymore helpful. Thanks In advance.

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Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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