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When jwplayer play inline with IOS7, the control bar is gone

There is a requirement in my project, we need the video to play inline(not pop a native QT player) with jwplayer on iphone(iOS7). After searching and researching, I found that I can manually modify the source code(jwplayer.html5.js) at the line 176, add some script like that: <code>u.setAttribute("webkit-playsinline", "YES");</code> after the airplay code. And then on iphone(iOS7), the video can play inline! But another question comes, the control bar is gone! This situation is only happend on iphone(iOS7), android,iphone(iOS6 or lower) still be what they always be.
So, please help me to find a way to make the control bar appear again, and the video also play inline too, thank you!

1 Community Answers

Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
-9 rated :

We don’t support playing inline, and since you hacked our JS, we can’t provide support for a feature that broke because you hacked into our JS.

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