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Play Local videos if certain user only

I have a dvd store site that plays movie trailers from youtube embeds. For most of the posts I also have the trailer downloaded and saved locally as a .flv, called by a custom field

I am setting up a bunch of raspberry pi's around the store which people can use to quickly access my website to watch trailers - however as our internet connection can be slowish at times I want to serve local video files if they exist.

I am almost achieving this by doing a check to see who the user is (if dvd store) then use something like jwplayer to play the local file. Trouble with this is I have to have something like LAMP or Apache etc running which can be quite a resource hog on a small machine..

So any better way to embed local video files in the post based on the the user/machine if the post has a value in the local_video custom field, else revert to youtube??

3 Community Answers

Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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Theoretically, yes, anything is possible. However, detection based on certain users would be something totally done outside of the player set up itself. Do you have any sort of user detection script on your side?


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Hi - yes i have a detection script in place which is working fine, so far i can get things to work but have to have a virtual server running in the background for JWPlayer to work. I tried to use just the file name in the custom field ie file:// etc but doesn't play. I guess my question really is can i have JWPlayer play local files without somekind of WAMP/MAMP setup running in the background??
Thanks very much

Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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You need to have at least a local server running.

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