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Is it possible to launch JWPlayer in full screen

We have strong request for some training videos to launch the player full screen. The folks being trained are not very good at following directions for maximizing the window so we would like it to start full screen. I've seen some discussions here that it may not be possible, and we've not found a way. I was hoping for a final word from Long Tail or JWPlayer that it's not possible (or directions on how to do it if it is possible).
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JW Player Support Agent  
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As anti-phishing measure, we do not allow the API to be used to launch the player in full screen mode. You can however, resize a video to be 100% width when the video starts playing. See a code example below:

<div id="video">Loading the player …</div>

<br> <script type='text/javascript'>
file: ‘bunny.mp4’,
image: ‘bunny.jpg’,
width: ‘150px’,
height: ‘100px’


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jwplayer().setFullscreen() - works in HTML5 mode only. Call it onReady and you'll get Fullscreen as soon as the player is ready.

James Herrieven


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We were able to get full browser window, but not full screen. We're working on training our students how to get it full screen. Thanks for the pointers, they were helpful.

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