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Jwplayer6 Resizing breaks Stretching type in Mac Safari


In our project, we have a page which allows the user to toggle between two different sizes for the video player. Using the "Resize" JS method, we change the video's size to two different sizes: 945x542 and 640x360.

This works fine in most browsers. However, specifically in Mac OS Safari, the "stretching" property of the video breaks once it's resized. The initial stretching type is "uniform", but after resizing it changes to what seem to be "fill".

Here's a visual example:

After the resizing, the stretching never fixes itself even if the video is resized back to its original size.
Is this a known Jwplayer 6 bug? Is there any workaround to make it work properly?

This is how I set up the player (the urls are omitted):

file: [some path],
image: [some path],
skin: "bekle",
sharing: {link: [some path]},
logo: { file: [some path],
link: null,
hide: true,
margin: 0},
aboutlink: [some path],
width: 945,
height: 542,
stretching: "uniform"

These are the lines used to resize the player:
jwplayer("myVideoPlayer").resize(640, 360);
jwplayer("myVideoPlayer").resize(945, 542);

3 Community Answers

Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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Can you provide a link?


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After sorting out various privacy issues with the content of our videos, I have finally made an isolated example of how we set our video player:

I omitted the page content itself and all the irrelevant features it offers. This test page has been tested on Mac Safari and still has the same problematic behaviour detailed in the OP.

Furthermore, after some additional testing, it turned out that the "resize" method doesn't seem to be the real cause; the video has improper stretching on Mac Safari as soon as I enter the page, before even clicking the "resize" button.



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+1 for this problem, this is also a concern of mine. It's the only thing that's holding my company back from considering Safari a recommended browser. A solution would be greatly appreciated since a good amount of our clients use Mac.

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