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RTMPT fallback fails if proxy answers on port 443


I have a bit of a peculiar issue. The basic setup:

Streaming server, listening on port 1935 and 80. (NOT listening on 443).
Client side behind a firewall, 1935 is blocked.

The assumption would be that JW Player follows this path for fallback: 1935 -> 443 -> 80.

The issue: The Client side has an 'accelerating proxy' that messes with packets. The result of this is that the connection to port 443 actually gets established (even though the destination server does not answer to that port). (In Wireshark, you can see a ->SYN, <-SYNACK, ->ACK, 2 inbound 'continuation data' packets, ->ACK and then a <-FIN, ACK + final connection teardown).

The fact that 443 seems to respond, despite never delivering proper data, appears to prevent the player from falling down further to port 80.

Is there a way the player can be configured to only try 1935 and then 80 (since 443 is not active on the streaming server)?

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Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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You can use our API and onError() to load another file –

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