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How to disable pause completely?

I'm using JWPlayer 6.8 and playing back a live RTMP stream. I removed the pause button from the skin so it doesn't show up in the control bar. Yet I can't figure out how to disable pause when the user clicks on the screen. Putting '' in the onPause event handler still shows a brief pause with the play button overlayed before it starts playing again. I want the pause event not to fire at all. I can't believe there isn't anyway to do this.


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Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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use onDisplayClick, and just set return false, so nothing happens.


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>use onDisplayClick, and just set return false, so nothing > >happens.

In JWPlayer 6.8 nothing happens when I return false in that event handler. The pause still occurs. From your link:

Fired when a user clicks the video display. Especially useful for wiring your own controls when the built-in ones are disabled. Note the default click action (toggling play/pause) will still occur if controls are enabled. There are no event attributes."

I want the control bar available so the user can still control the volume and maximize the view. But from my testing and the above quote, it looks like the only way I can disable pause by clicking on the screen is to disable all of the controls by calling 'setControls(false)'. Is that the only way?

Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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You could do this:


That way, then the player is clicked on, it will simply keep playing.

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