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Video displaying @25% & half cropped off in Full Screen Mode

Video player shows up and working fine, but the video inside the player is scaled down to about 25% and centered in the player on the player's black background. The video will play and all the controls work.

Here is a link to Screen Shots:

When I click the player's Full Screen button, the video displays the full screen width, however the video is being pushed down to the bottom half of the screen, giving the appears that the video's bottom half has been cropped off, and then the remaining top half of the video being pushed to the bottom (i.e margin-top: 50%). Again the video and controls do work.

My WordPress Shortcode is: [jwplayer player="8" mediaid="14581"].

My JW Player Settings are:

Player Size: Responsive 16:9 - Wide screen TV
Stretching: Stretch proportionally (black borders)
Default rendering mode: HTML5

If I change the Player Size to "Fixed Size" and enter the same size or any other size, the same thing happens, 25% smaller, full screen cropped off.

The problem stays the same on all three "Stretching" modes, Stretch proportionally (black border), Stretch proportionally (parts cut off), Stretch dis-proportionally.BTW the poster image displays properly on all three stretching modes.

However, when I change "Stretching" to "Keep Original Aspect Ratio", the Poster Image display at it's native size 1280x720 and it's correct aspect ratio, but there the majority of the image is being cropped out because the player size is 580x326.

When I press play, the video plays perfectly. It is scaled to match the same size the player, it is responsive (with the video playing, when I make the browser window very small, the responsiveness works perfectly and scales down with it. So this part is great.

However, when I click full screen, the same problem with different results occurs. Now instead of playing the width of the screen, it plays at it's native width of 1280, but a height of only 460, and again at the very bottom of the screen, centered left to right.

Can anybody help me with this?

Thank you,

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Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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