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HTML5 player ratio and dimension incorrects

Hi there,

Is someone facing this issue :

<video x-webkit-airplay="allow" src="" style="width: 1280px; height: 720px; transform: scale(0.52, 0.53) translate(-601.923px, -324.528px);">

It happens when i use the HTML5 player with vimeo HD videos !!
it translate the video to those coordinates and scale it !
this happens with ipad and firefox

Thank you

4 Community Answers


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JW Player does not use the <video> tag as an embedding method, and it does not support the Vimeo player at all.


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Thx for the answer, but i'm embedding the video this way and i end up with what i posted earlier !!

<div id="myElement">Loading the player...</div>
jwplayer("myElement").setup({ file: ....,
image: ....,
width: "100%",
height: "100%",
primary: "flash",


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Please give us a link to your site.

Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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Please provide a link.

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