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LiveRail VAST


I am having issues with the waterfall functionality and LiveRail tags. On the following page - i have setup the waterfall functionality to be dynamic so that it populates the vast tags via a custom CMS. Currently i only have one Vast tag, the LIveRail one. The problem is that it continues to play the preroll over and over again. When I use the sample Open X tags that you provide, the waterfall feature works just as it should.

We use custom scheduling with On BeforePlay, on AdComplete and onAdError, not the default scheduling feature. Your example is set up with custom scheduling as well for waterfalling

ANy help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

1 Community Answers

Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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You should put this ad tag into your setup block. You only really need the waterfall if you have more than one vast tag.


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