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Ad pauses after click through


While working with VAST ads in JW Player 6, I noticed that when a user clicks through the ad, the ad pauses. Subsequently I cannot find a way to restart playback without enabling the controls and clicking the play button there.

Is there a way to either disable the pausing, or restart playback through JavaScript?

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Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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The expected behavior is that it will pause once clicked. Where is this running?


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I've created a test page at You can skip the tracks by hitting enter, there should be an ad before every track.

Note that the default controls are disabled on this page, and that once you click an ad, there's pretty much no way to get it to play back again.

In contrast, here's the exact same page with controls enabled, once you go through the same procedure, you can simply restart playback by hitting the default start

I realise that the expected behaviour might be to pause once clicked, does this mean that there isn't a way to disable that functionality?

I would also like to make clear I'm looking for one of two solutions, either being able to disable it, or to continue playback through user interaction after it's been paused.

Thanks for your time.

Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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It is not possible to disable the pause when an ad is clicked. I don’t see any ads serving on the pages though.

One thing you could do is use our API, and onAdImpression() do a setControls(true), then set them to false onAdComplete()

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