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JW Player not working in Chrome or FF

I just don't understand this. I have a self hosted WordPress site, hosted on my personal desktop. My uploaded .flv files were playing fine up until this last weekend when I attempted to host a new video. Previous uploaded videos play fine, it's newly uploaded videos that have this issue.

It seems to play fine in IE, but, not Firefox or Chrome.

The only thing that I know for sure changed was I (mistakenly) upgraded from WordPress 3.5.1 from one version back.

My site URL: You should see that the two lastest posts will play in IE, but the other 2 popular browsers.
This video,, uploaded weeks ago seems to play just fine in all broswers.

What more information is need from me for someone to point me in the right direction to solve this issue?

3 Community Answers

Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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In the admin of the wp plugin, change the default rendering mode to flash.

JW Player

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Wow, that was it. Thank you so much for the accurate, quick reply. You guys rock!


Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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