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Wordpress JW-Plugin - How do you customize the default skin?

I have a pro subscription and have installed the JW Player plugin 6 for Wordpress; plugin ver 2.0.5

I'm very proficient with PHP and Photoshop, but I seem to be missing where it is drawing the data for the default plugin skin.

The php files suggest it is using the six (default) skin, however, that skin isn't even in the skins folder. I even tried deleting that folder and it went on working with no issues.

I'm guessing that it is either pulling from an offsite location for the default skin or that the default skin is hard-coded as a base64-encoded string somewhere. However, I have been unable to locate it for the jwp6 player. I can't even find reference to a valid XML file for the default skin in the jwp6 folder.

Does anyone have any insight into how I can go about:

1) Finding the default skin for JWP6 WP Plugin
2) How to modify the default skin
3) How to change the setting of the default skin for the WP Plugin of JWP6

I prefer to use the WP Plugin over the standard install, so any help will be greatly appreciated.

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JW Player

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Thank you for your response; I appreciate it.bc.. --------- roel wrote: ---------

bc.. If you've made your own skin, you can use it with the shortcode setting:<code>[jwplayer player="2" mediaid="876" skin=""]</code>
bc.. --------- End Quote ---------

I've tried this with no luck. I've tried many different forms of your suggestion, however, I had no success with loading my own custom skin. I even tried changing your front-slashes to back-slashes as well as using one of the developer skins such as the *solidgold* skin in both the unzip'd version and the base64 version (using the suggested jswpack tool).

Below is one of my failed code examples:
bc.. [jwplayer player="3" playlistid="210" playlist.position="right" skin=""]

I appreciate any additional suggestions you may have. Addtionally, I have not been able to locate the placement of the "default" skin. I assume it is in base64 format; rather than go crazy with the shortcode options, I would be more than comfortable with modifying the default skin code to achieve my desired results--if you can point me in the direction to it's location (the default skin code) then that'd also be much appreciated.

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