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RTMP does not work with JWPlayer but does with VLC

Hi, we're performing tests using JWPlayer, our videos have to be displayed on multiple devices (Desktop browsers and mobile ones).

Here is a link to a sample page :

We encounter problems using RTMP, sound works but video does not, JWPlayer only displays a thin line (tested with last versions of Desktop browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE and Safari Windows).

Our test video is a MP4 video recorded on an Android HTC One SV Smartphone. RTMP is managed by an Amazon Cloud Front distribution.

We have also tested our RTMP stream using the VLC player and it works, so what could be the problem with JWPlayer on those tests ?



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JW Player

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Hi again, I've tested JWPlayer with the same settings and an RTMP Stream using a Wowza server, it works.

So why this is not working with an Amazon Cloud Front RTMP distribution ?

JW Player

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Move the file to another folder, then rename the file, then move the file back to original folder, then change URL path to the "new name"
Does it work now?

This problem I had, no idea WHY but the above fixed my problem.

JW Player

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OOPS, sorry. I mean COPY not move.
Copy file to another folder or bucket, then rename and etc etc

JW Player

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Hi shueardm, copying the video into an other folder inside the Amazon S3 bucket didn't solve my problem.

I suspect a problem with our video or the way JWPlayer processes that video because we've performed other tests :
<li>Our video works in JWPlayer using a Wowza server but does not with an Amazon Cloud Front RTMP distribution</li>
<li>The JWPlayer seems to work with Amazon Cloud Front and an other video</li>

Its strange because our video does not work only with the couple JWPlayer / Amazon Cloud Front, it works with VLC / Amazon Cloud Front and JWPlayer / Wowza Server.

Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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Was the video filmed on a smartphone?

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