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Adding ga: {ourGAcode} break player entirely.

Need advise as to why adding ga:{} may be breaking our player.
We have embed code for live streaming with fall back for rtpms to hls formats.

Our working embed code looks like this:

{playlist: [{sources: [{file: 'rtmps://'},{file: 'https://OURSTREAM1.m3u8'}]
,image: 'Player_Image.png',title: 'Site 1 - Infant 2'
,rtmp:{securetoken: ''}
,height: '100%'
,width: '100%'
,aspectratio: '16:9'
,mute: true
, primary: 'html5'}
,{sources: [{file: 'rtmps://'},{file: 'https://OURSTREAM2.m3u8'}]
,image: 'Player_Image.png'
,title: 'Playground Back 1'
,rtmp:{securetoken: ''}
,height: '100%'
,width: '100%'
,aspectratio: '16:9'
,mute: true
, primary: 'html5'}]
,listbar: {position: 'right',size: 320},height: '500',width: '100%', mute: true
, skin: '',image: ''});

We have tried adding ga: {ourGAcode} to both the playlist attribute sections and to the player attribute section.
When ga sections is included in either location the player fails to load anything at all.

Advise ?

1 Community Answers

Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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Can I see where you are running this?

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