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JWPlayer 5.10; "stopimage" "displayclick" and "link" params available?

Good morning,

Player: JWPlayer 5.10 (premium)
Background: We've been a very long time customer of JWPlayer, we have a license for JW4, 5 and 6. JWPlayer 6 is currently not an option due to buffering problems for our users, so we're stuck with JW5 for now, which is fine with me as the only feature of 6 that I enjoy was responsive. I made JW5 responsive with YUI.

We've ran into a huge road block with converting all of our use-cases to JW5 & JW6. In JW4, there was a "stopimage" and "displayclick" param which we used for our promotional landing pages. I can share these pages with JWPlayer Staff if needed, but would like to do so privately.

The "stopimage" was an opposite of a poster: at the very end of the video, an image was displayed (not the poster image). When the video stopped, the player also became clickable to a specified link ("link" param). This is an absolute need for our promotional pages. Can this be done with JW 5.10 by using the current jwplayer.js & player.swf? If not, please provide me with the needed information to get this task accomplished.

If this is to be done through the Plugins, please provide the full SDK Download for both Flash & JavaScript. I was not able to locate any of this information in the developer area.

Please respond in full so we can move forward with this task. Hoping to be a continued JWPlayer premium customer.


Steven P

1 Community Answers

Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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Do you have any documentation for stopimage? I don’t recall that being around when I started here (4.2).

Displayclick still exists in JW5, and for JW6 you can use the API call onDisplayClick for this.

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