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What is being chosen for delivery: RTMP or HLS?

I am delivering some videos through a player that uses adaptive streaming (i.e. the "Use adaptive streaming (RTMP/HLS)" option is set).

Unfortunatelly, I see many people having trouble watching them. They are seeing the error message: "Error loading stream: Could not connect to server."

In my opinion, that's related to a firewall issue on their ends. However, I was not expecting too many problems related to firewall blocking since HLS uses HTTP for transportation. That makes me wonder if the player is using RTMP instead of HLS to deliver the video (and I know RTMP does not use the HTTP port so it's easier for it to be blocked).

So I would like to understand when the player from JW Platform decides to deliver content through RTMP or through HLS. Also, is it possible to tell JW Platform to use HLS only?


1 Community Answers

Remco van Bree

JW Player Support Agent  
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Our platform uses RTMP for Flash streaming by default and only HLS for iOS devices. We can disable RTMP for Flash though, which will cause the player to use HLS both in Flash and on iOS devices. This needs to be done through our back-end though, so please contact support directly to do this.

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