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Vertical Volume Tooltip Fails to Render In Flash

I've created a custom skin for JW Player 6. When I instantiate the player with html5 as primary, it correctly renders the vertical volume tooltip. Furthermore, when i reduce the height of the player below the threshold for audio-only, it renders the horizontal volume correctly.

Flash mode is a different story. When the player renders with flash as primary, the horizontal scroller still loads if the video is < the threshold for audio-only. However, when above the threshold, the vertical volume tooltip fails to load completely. I've pored through the documentation and can find nothing to explain this behavior. Can anyone assist?

P.S. I just want to make sure there's no way to trigger the horizontal volume control outside of reducing the player height. If a "volume mode" type key were added to the JW Player embed setup, that would be HUGE!

bc.. <component name="tooltip">
<setting name="fontcase" value="normal" />
<setting name="fontcolor" value="cccccc" />
<setting name="fontsize" value="12" />
<setting name="fontweight" value="normal" />
<setting name="activecolor" value="cccccc" />
<setting name="overcolor" value="ffffff" />

<element name="arrow" src="arrow.png" />
<element name="background" src="back.png" />

<element name="menuTop" src="menuTop.png" />
<element name="menuBottom" src="menuBottom.png" />

<element name="menuOption" src="option.png" />
<element name="menuOptionOver" src="over.png" />
<element name="menuOptionActive" src="over.png" />

<element name="volumeCapTop" src="volumeSliderCap.png" />
<element name="volumeCapBottom" src="volumeSliderCap.png" />
<element name="volumeRail" src="volumeSliderRail.png" />
<element name="volumeRailCapBottom" src="volumeSliderRailCapBottom.png" />
<element name="volumeRailCapTop" src="volumeSliderRailCapTop.png" />
<element name="volumeProgress" src="volumeSliderProgress.png" />
<element name="volumeProgressCapBottom" src="volumeSliderProgressCapBottom.png" />
<element name="volumeProgressCapTop" src="volumeSliderProgressCapTop.png" />
<element name="volumeThumb" src="volumeSliderThumb.png" />

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Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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Can you provide a link to where you are running this?

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