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Embed Streams with JW player (HLS / RTMP)

Hi Folks,

I have trouble setting up JW Player for our streaming use cases.

We will have

- mp4 VoD Content --> no problem at all on jw5 and jw6
- streams in HLS and RTMP

The streams work fine with the flash player but I cannot get them working on android.

Any hints ? I have read ALL related support pages, but they do not go into real detail.

2 Community Answers

JW Player

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Let me add some more details:

- We could optionally add RTSP for Android if needed
- I understood, that JW Player is capable of playing HLS, so I would expect this to work on Android.

So it comes down to the following questions:

1. ) What is a good example to included several video livestreams (RTMP, HLS and possibly RTSP) into one website? This should work on Desktops with flash and also on iOS and Android.

2.) Can this be obtained without RTSP? What license is needed to achieve this (e.g. HLS on Android)

3. ) How does the Pro/Enterprise Activation work? Do I download a different package or do I add a key or something?

Hints would be highly appreciated.


Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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I would look at –

We have a specific note about Android support here:

HLS Live on Android

For live streams, there’s not yet a good solution for playback on Android or other non-iOS mobile platforms. One workaround is to offer a native app for Android, in which HLS streams can be supported. This is beyond the scope of JW Player though. Another option, if you use the Wowza Media Server, is to offer a fallback RTSP stream for devices that don’t support HLS. For example:

<div id="myElement"> <a href="rtsp://">watch this stream over RTSP</a> </div>

file: “”,
image: “/assets/myPoster.jpg”,
fallback: false

Also, I would look here as well:

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