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Changes affected Facebook Share


We have developed some iOS and web apps that share BOTR videos from our account. The Facebook share was working fine until today.

What we did was just share the link with the page of the player like this one:

And since the meta tags are in the page... Facebook will automatically show a video player and display the video.

But now the error:
"flash objects must have the 'source' and 'picture' attributes" Appears when trying to share the new videos (from yesterday). The old videos are sharing fine.

Could this be something that has to do with some changes to BOTR platform?

Can it be rolled back for our account while we make the changes to the apps?


4 Community Answers

Remco van Bree

JW Player Support Agent  
1 rated :

When sharing the video URL directly to facebook everything still works for me, also with this video.

Please note that yesterday’s release did not make any changes to the preview pages, all the updates were to our infrastructure, no front-end facing code was changed.

I expect there must be some sort of issue with the library you’re using to interact with Facebook.

JW Player

0 rated :

I have the same issue. Posted before yesterday, fine. Post yesterday, I get the same error. My issue is happening with SoundCloud post. I'm seeing a lot of chatter on this over the past 24 hours including notifications to facebook itself. I think this is an FB issue that cropped up just yesterday.

JW Player

0 rated :

Our new videos are working fine. It was just the videos uploaded yesterday that triggered the error. I hope it was change in Facebook and it has been corrected.


Remco van Bree

JW Player Support Agent  
0 rated :

Given Keith’s report that this happened with a SoundCloud post too, I suspect that Facebook had a bug in a release that they had already rolled back by the time I tested your video embed.

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