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Cant get a test rtmp stream working

I am trying to get a simple rtmp test up and running in the JWPlayer, so I can review the JWPlayer's performance on various platforms.

I have used the OVP rtmp test stream from this page

My test page is here:

In the JWPlayer I get an error 'Video not found or access denied'.

I thought perhaps the content might be restricted from running in my domain, but another test page with the OVP player itself works here:

Any help would be much appreciated.

Cheers d

3 Community Answers

Remco van Bree

JW Player Support Agent  
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You will probably have to URL encode some special characters. This is explained on this page:

The ins and outs of setting up a RTMP stream are explained here:

JW Player

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Cheers remco.

actually discovered that my var was called 'filestreamer' instead of 'streamer'

Thanks for your help.

Remco van Bree

JW Player Support Agent  
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Ah, that is an easy thing to overlook, good thing you caught it.

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