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Play HTML5 as default, fallback to Flash

Is there a way to make the JW Player to play as HTML5 per default, and fallback to Flash, if the first condition isn't possible? If so, how? Can someone provide an example? Thanks!

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JW Player

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There are a couple of things I'd like to suggest
bc.. 1. go to this link and view the documentation on the JWPlayer

2. have a peek at the following code, there you see that the order
has been switched whereby html5 is the first in the order of the
modes. It is an example taken from my web site

3. the only benefit that I see in switched order the modes
html5 - flash is lies in the support for the mobile devices
namely; iPhone, iPAD, iPOD and Android

4. the benefit is further noticed when using html5 the elements
video and audio

<!-- JavaScript -->
<script src="js/jwplayer.js"></script>
var options =
'logo': 'images/smiranalogo.png',
'logo.hide': 'true',
'logo.over': '0.75',
'logo.out': '0.9',
'logo.timeout': '10',
'logo.margin': '10',
modes: [
{ type: "html5" },
{ type: "flash", src: "player.swf" }



I am really not quite sure if this is helpful for you as it is always the better to provide a link for assessment of either the issues or what is still required.

Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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