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JW Player debug logging mode?

Is there code I can enable (recompile), a plugin, flashvar or something I missed that will log the connections so I can have users copy & paste it back to me for support. I am looking for something similar to what the akamai support player logs.
=========== New Test #2 ===========
[1] Date: Mon Apr 20 2009
[1] Time: 10:20:59 GMT-0700
[2] Flash version: WIN 10,0,2,54
[3] OS: Windows XP
[3] Client IP:
[4] Override server IP: false
[5] Stop after first good connection: true
[5] Preferred buffer length: 3 seconds
[6] Use fast start buffer: false
[7] Raw source: rtmp://
[8] Source type: AMD_ONDEMAND
[10] Host name:
[11] App name: ondemand
[12] Stream name: mediapm/ovp/content/test/video/nocc_320x180_548kbps
[13] Making IDENT request to:
[100] IDENT request returned:
[415] Connect success on rtmp:1935 after 307 ms
[501] Found first good connection so stopping port/protocol testing
[546] NetStream.Play.Reset at 00:00
[554] NetStream.Play.Start at 00:00
[2521] NetStream.Buffer.Full at 00:00



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JW Player

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It's not exactly the same, but try this:

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