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Is there a list of SWFObject parameters?

I found the part of the Longtail site that says your favorite way to access the JW Player is with the SWFObject - and I have that working just fine with the basic parameters.

However - is there anywhere that I can find a complete list of the possible "param" and "variable" syntax for all the possible options? I have found such lists for the embed and object codes - but not the SWFObject.

In particular - in the following code:

<script type='text/javascript'>var so = new SWFObject('player.swf','flashcontent','320','240','9');

what does the "9" mean? what happens if I change that?

Currently, I am trying to get a movie to play with a height of 149 and a width of 244 - but no matter what I do - the player squashes the movie and it plays with black space on both sides.

Any ideas?

My movie is the left-hand one (with quotes) on this page:

Thanks so much!

3 Community Answers

JW Player

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I tried the same and googled and saw in the snippet of a search result pointing to this website: You need Flash Player version 9. I tried to change it to 10, OK, but 12 NO. lower numbers are also ok, but my reply is: if you know now what it means, do NOT change it.

JW Player

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You have to calculate a little and use a software for images. The control bar under the video takes up some space: add that to the format of your video and you have the numbers to put in as the parameters.

JW Player

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The swfobject site is here:

The documentation is superb. Read it. The "9" refers to the lowest version of Flash that your users need to view your swf; nowadays we use swfobject 2.2 and we specify Flash versions a little more accurately.

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