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WOWZA LiveStream and Player giving error "ID not found on server"

I've seen this error on these forums plenty but none give a solid answer on how to fix it. The HTML5 mobile live stream works fine.

Here is the code

bc.. <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
file: "rtmp://"
file: ""

I Use BOTR to put a place holder video on the page then switch the video to the stream on load and get and error when I try to play. Same error happened when i used the JWPlayer free version until we get our pro version.

3 Community Answers

Remco van Bree

JW Player Support Agent  
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f4m is HDS. This isn’t a supported streaming format. Do you have a Premium license? Using a Bits on the Run player in order to bypass the need to buy a Premium license would violate our terms of service.

JW Player

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We are purchasing an enterprise license but have been testing the player rigourouslly before we complete the purchase.

I had use the free JW Player to test this as well, and switched it to the BOTR player to test.

Is this supported at all in any players??

You can contact Fasil its the UR-Channel Team.

JW Player

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I'm able to get it to play through the BOTR player and javascript api with
bc.. jwplayer().load([{
file: ""

But If I put that as the file in the JW PLayer embed I get an error saying no playlist found, yet if going through BOTR it works....

How do I properly embeed this apple stream format?

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