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Wowza + Cloudfont + JW 6


I am live stream testing using Wowza 3.5 with Amazon Cloudfront I can live stream to JW 6 over Cloudfront a single stream.

The source URL looks like this:

so for the live test stream I'm running right now the single stream URL is

But the thing is, I really want to stream using adaptive bit rate streaming over Cloudfront.
I have reached out to both Wowza and Amazon support. And they have given me some things to try but they haven't worked.
It is my understanding that I need to use a SMIL file for JW 6 adaptive rate streaming.

I have created a SMIL file and it is located in the "content" folder of the Wowza startup package in my S3 bucket:

After a lot of trying different source URLs for the SMIL file, the only one I could get to work is

The problem is that I can only get the source URL to use the Wowza origin server and not the Cloudfront domain server (
I don't own a Mac but I've also been told the ABR stream switcher is not showing up on OSX Safari.

I am running two simple HTML pages live streaming to JW 6 right now with the two different source URLs at:

I would be incredibly grateful if you could check it out and give me any guidance on the best JW 6 source URLs to use to adaptive bit rate stream over Wowza-Cloudfront.
If the stream happens to be off I can turn it on again any time that is good for you. Thank you.

2 Community Answers

JW Player

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Sorry for typo. The HTML pages are here:

And BTW I am running the Wowza Transcoder AddOn

Ethan Feldman

JW Player Support Agent  
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Both of these are working for me.

If you do want HLS to have multiple bitrates, it is set up like this –

Here is a sample m3u8 file which contains multiple bitrates –

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